First, thank you for using the GivePlus Mobile app for making your generous contributions. Your gifts have been such a blessing to Waterloo Worship Center church community!

We have some very exciting news! We are replacing the GivePlus Mobile app with the all-new Vanco Mobile app. Vanco Mobile will be just as easy to use as GivePlus Mobile, and it comes with new features to make it even better. Vanco Mobile will provide you with the simplest way to give – and stay in touch – with Waterloo Worship Center.

GivePlus Mobile will no longer be supported starting April 30, 2022.

We encourage you to download the free Vanco Mobile app today! And it’s easy for you to use:

• Your GivePlus Mobile log-in credentials stay the same in Vanco Mobile. No need for a new user ID or password.

• If you have recurring gifts set up, they will continue to be made as scheduled.

Vanco Mobile is available in the Google Play store and the A store now. Download it today.

Thank you for your continued generosity to Waterloo Worship Center. We couldn’t do all the good work we do without you.

Pastors Kevin and Mary McBride